Quick Amateur Looks at LHP Mason Montgomery and RHP Logan Workman

So like an idiot, I finally paid for MILB.TV, and the 1st 2 games I decided to view were ones from LHP Mason Montgomery and then RHP Logan Workman. Both pitchers were drafted last year out of college and are having good starts to their pro careers. The word on Montgomery has been low-mid 90s with good movement and a plus change with a developing slider, while the word on Workman has been mid 90s fastball and a good change and developing breaking ball. Montgomery has been the best pitcher in the Hi-A South Atlantic League so far, leading the league in ERA, FIP, xFIP, Ks, and K%. Workman started off at Low-A and was promoted to Hi-A after dominating the prior.

All velo readings are based off Bowling Green's home broadcast readings. The notes here are not really organized and just jotted down as I watched both starts. I also mostly only watched the pitchers outside of a few Manzardo ABs. I didn't pay attention to anyone else really, hitting, fielding, or pitching wise.

Mason Montgomery 5/28 (Final Line 5IP 4H 0R 1BB 10K)

1st inning, 90-93 fastball, attacking high, could be MIL broadcast, but looks harder than that, 83 mile change (?) for a K. Weak flyball and groundball off fastball for other 2 outs.

Not sure if there is a pitch clock at Hi-A, but working fast.

2nd inning, another K off I think an 84 change whiff. Another K off high 93 whiff.83 at knees for another K. Attacking more around zone.

3rd inning, walked leadoff guy after getting ahead 0-2 with fastballs. Struggled locating secondary pitches. Next batter on with an error as the SS just missed a ball under the glove. Struck out next batter looking at 92. Next batter, 1st pitch what looked like a slider at 82, whiff.Nice pitch with a good late drop. Another slider but hitter gets a groundball away from shift for infield single. K's the next batter whiffing at a elevated 91, and then Ks the next batter to get out of the inning with no damage, 94 on the outside corner against a lefty.

4th inning, starting to wonder if most of the 82-84s are sliders and not changes. A lot of them are finishing glove side to the right side of the plate. Not recalling many of these non-fastballs finishing arms side like most change ups do. Just assumed changes due to that pitch getting more hype.

As he is going thru lineup again, noticing more 1st pitch secondary pitches, pretty sure sliders inside to righties. Ground ball off slider for 1st out of 4th. Flyball to near warning track CF off 93 for 2nd out. And 3rd out another K on a slider coming in on a righty, been a weapon this game.

1st pitch of 5th is an 88 something. Next pitch 90 and flied out to CF. Next batter singles to CF off a 91. Another 89 against the next batter, but stil comes back with an elevated 92 for the K. Groundball single to get another man on. Last batter works a long AB, before looking at 92 on the inside corner for the K. Defnitely noticed some more distinct changes that inning, just 82-83 pitches that had more down drop. He was probably throwing them all night and I was just missing them. It seems both the slider and change sit around 83mph. Changes thrown mostly in dirt or so.

Velo obviously dropped in final inning, but still a good look. I thought the slider looked good and he was jamming righties with it constantly all game, and that vertical fastball played well vs righties as well. It seemed the opposing lineup was heavy righty and he had little problems dealing with them. Not even sure you could really blame him for any of the hits either as none of them looked hit hard.

EDIT: So I found a video of Montgomery's main secodary pitch I kept seeing this start. This is definitely a slider, right? Know video quality ain't the best, but there is like no way that is a change, despite that being his most lauded pitch right now? If so that is a good thing, because the slider looks good already, and that along with a supposed change that looks good and a fastball that is dominating.

1st AB, Manzardo drove a 96 to almost warning track CF

2nd AB, Manzardo works a full count before lining 94 to CF again.

3rd AB, Manzardo hits a weak fly ball.

While Manzardo didn't get a hit in those 3 ABs, it was nice seeing him work and also catching up to velocity and not looking too overmatched vs it.

Logan Workman 5/25 (Final Line: 5IP 1H 0R 1BB 4K)

Note: I accidentally skipped 3rd inning while I was skipping around. Still got 4 innings though.

Fastball sitting 94-95 early, some obvious armside run. Pitch around 90 that looked to have some drop, assume it was a hard changeup. Living up with the fastball so far. Struck out 3rd batter of the inning just over powering him with 3 straight elevated and in fastballs to a righty.

More fastballs to open the 2nd, 93-94. Getting early contact on them. Hits a man with a fastball. Next batter tried an 88 pitch but it stayed high and flat. Not sure what it was. 3 not so hard contact outs.

Another elevated 89 begins the 4th. Still sitting 93-95. Another flat 90. Then an 86 pitch that actually had some dive down. Loses a batter with 2 outs for a walk, but he erased right away with a pickoff by Workman.

Ks the 1st batter of the 5th on what looks like a 82 some type of breaker. Some nice late drop to it.Dropped in another at the knees to the next batter for the K, this one at 81. Looks more power curve than slider to me.

Sat 93-95 all 5 innings, very few secondary pitches til the 4th/5th inning. Figuring the 86-90 is a changeup, it looked mostly flat all game outside of 1 or 2 of them, the 2 breakers I saw had some good power curve movement. Threw a good amount of strikes with the fastball, but not many whiffs.

Also late note, if anyone wants to tell me how to made vid clips or gifs out of MILB.TV clips, I'll try and make a clip of each pitch I saw. I know it is possible, see tweets all the time, just don't know how.

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