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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Banged up Rays head to New York

The Rays will play the Yankees six times over the next nine games

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It was a better week for the Rays than you probably remember. After sweeping the Cards at the Trop, they took one of three from the Twins in Minnesota, giving them a 4-2 week. Unfortunately, the Yankees continued their winning ways, and the Blue Jays kept pace, leaving the Rays still in third place in the AL East, nine games behind New York and half a game behind Toronto. The Rays are off today before kicking off a big three game set in New York against the Yankees on Tuesday, before they head to Baltimore for three games against the Orioles.

Before we leave Minnesota behind, let’s take one more look at Randy Arozarena, the Rays version of Mr. Fantastic.

Over the weekend, Kevin Kiermaier tied BJ Upton for the most outfield assists in team history.

If it seems like the Rays have lost a lot of days to the IL, that’s because they have. Through Thursday, their 716 days was most in the AL and third overall. And that was before Zunino hit the IL over the weekend.

If you watch the games, it shouldn’t surprise you the four Rays are on the underachiever list.

Joe Maddon was fired by the Angels. Which means he wasted a Mohawk.

Some Carlos Peña to brighten your Monday morning.

Trouble in the Marlins clubhouse between Jazz Chisholm and Donnie Baseball.

Tony LaRussa intentionally walked Trea Turner on a 1-2 to get to Max Muncy.

“And I took that personally.” - Max Muncy, probably

The weirdest part of the post game presser wasn’t when TLR was dismissive of any questions to his strategy. No, the weirdest part was how it sounded like he thought the count carried over to the next hitter.

Lots of people did the math for Tony, but we’ll just go with Ben Clemens.

More on Angel Hernandez’s discrimination case against MLB.

More lawsuits, this time in Baltimore.

This is an interesting piece from Tom Tango.

Players sound off on the shift.

A rough night for the Cincinnati grounds crew.

In other rain news:

Former teammates Joe Musgrove and Chad Kuhl played tic tac toe on the mound.

There is “position player pitching,” and then there’s … this:

Palate cleanser: I never cared very much for John Cena the wrestler. But John Cena the human being? They don’t get much better.