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Who’s On Worst Special Edition: Ed

We brought in reinforcements for this truly terrible flick

Matt LeBlanc In ‘Ed’ Photo by Universal/Getty Images

In a world where there are roughly 78,000 true crime podcasts, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is more than one podcast dedicated to baseball movies. We knew that one day we wanted to do a crossover episode with Take Me Into the Ballgame, a wonderful podcast hosted by Ellen Adair and Eric Gilde, and we knew exactly what movie we wanted to watch with them.

We’re pleased to share that this week’s episode is that long-awaited crossover, and the movie we watched was the genuine stinker, Ed. Starring Matt LeBlanc at the height of his Friends fame, and enough wonderful character actors you should not drink whenever you say “hey, it’s that guy!” this movie should not be as profoundly awful as it is.

And yet.

We’ve watched some real duds on this podcast, but join us as we adopt the Take Me Into the Ballgame 20-80 scoring structure to talk about all the various ways this movie manages to suck. We hope you enjoy, this one was a ton of fun for us to record.