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Who’s On Worst: Little Big League

Sometimes we accidentally watch good ones.

MLB: APR 03 Spring Training - Cardinals at Twins Photo by Vincent Muzik/ICON SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

When we started recording Who’s On Worst we knew there would be an incredible array of bad baseball movies to watch, and over the past year we’ve seen just how right that assumption was. However, sometimes when we set out to ruin childhood favorites, we accidentally stumble across legitimate gems.

For some of us, Little Big League was a re-watch, and for others (me) it was a wholly new experience. But as we watched the story of a boy inheriting the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather and deciding to spend a season managing the club, we were taken in by just how utterly charming the whole thing was.

Sure, we found things to nitpick, and yes, the plot is a pretty beat-for-beat partner with Rookie of the Year, but all the same we were pretty darned delighted by the whole thing. So if you want to hear us actually enjoy something for once, give this one a go.