More Amateur Looks at Minor League Players

Well my last post (link here ) had its comments closed, as I guess FPs do that now after a month of being active, so that's smart, but anyways might as well start a new one of these to continue. Here I'll give some quick observations of 3 AAA Durham Pitchers I have watched this week, though it was briefly for each and all 3 vs the Charlotte Knights, the White Sox AAA team.

Easton McGee

From a low slot, seemed to throw a 4 pitch mix. 92-93 fastball with heavy run and sink, located it east to west and threw a good amount of strikes with it, though there were a couple ABs where he just totally lost control, but those ended in 4 pitch walks and no contact damage. Threw mid to high 80s slider that sometimes featured mostly cut, but he was able to get some depth on it at times as well along with the cut, this was the pitch that actually got some whiffs. A mid 80s change up that had some fade to it and was located mostly arm side. And lastly, a hi 70s loopy curve that I am not sure is ML quality pitch. Could be interesting as a RH reliever or bulk type guy. If he could consistently control the sinker, could have an ML role as a guy that can generate weak or off contact.

Tommy Romero

I only watched 1 inning of Romero, and it was just to get a feel for his velo at this point. Unfortunately, it was still mostly sitting 88-89 touching 90, so it still is not at 2021 levels. Don't know wtf happened here, but I hope he and the Rays figure it out. Despite the velo, still throwing what seemed like 80% fastballs. Still got a whiff or two and some other awkward swings at the top of the zone. Dropped in a couple changes around 83 that looked fine.

Kevin Herget

Only watched 1 inning here. Fastball mostly around 92, though a couple touched up to 95. Maybe a little bit of rise on it? He definitely was throwing it up at times and I didn't really notice much sink. Mixed in a 83-85 change that had some late drop that he was mostly throwing middle of the plate to arm side. He started the game out with a few of these, didn't get any whiffs and one was hammered for a double after the same batter hammered 2 of them just foul. His 3rd pitch was an 88-89 cutter/slider pitch that he threw exclusively glove side vs righties. Didn't generate any whiffs either, but with it's velo and late movement, I could possibly see it playing. He had a 26% K rate coming into today's game, so wonder if the secondary stuff and location just wasn't on this game as he finished with only 1K in 6IP with 3BBs. Still only allowed 1 run though, which is either a testament of him limiting hard contact for the most part, or just an indictment on Charlotte's offense not being very good lol.

I'll add anymore observations over the next month to the comments again before they close.

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