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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Tungsten Arm O’Doyle comes to town

Trout and Ohtani too

Pitcher Denton “Cy” Young

The reinforcements have started to arrive (welcome back, Harold and Manuel!) and the Rays had a 5-2 week, taking two of three from the Yankees and three of four from the Royals. Coincidence? We think not. The Rays are now tied with the Blue Jays for second in the AL East, 8 back of the Yankees. They are in a three way tie with the Jays and the Mariners in the Wild Card race.

No off days this week, as the Joe Maddon-less Angels come to town for four games, then we travel to Boston for a three game set.


Also coming back to St. Pete is Wander Franco, but not for the reason we’d like to hear.

John Romano on the new old guy.

Adam Berry on the new(ish) home run tunnel celebration.

In case you were wondering, it has been as bad as you thought.

The Rays set a record on Sunday.

Ben Clemens of Fangraphs on Drew Rasmussen’s run of success.

I think this is fun. Though with Tango I’m never quite sure.

Who wants a stingray snuggie?

Fun Reads

Our own Brian Menéndez write about Camilo Doval over at BPro.

From our friends at Twinkie Town, here’s something I think about more than I should.

We do love The Onion.

The Orioles beat the Red Sox in the Little League Classic on Sunday. The Orioles social media team had some fun.

This is a fun thread. Can you learn to hit the high fastball?

This one too, on the ball/strike challenge system experiment.

Ex-Rays News

Topper talks to Joe Maddon, who doesn’t sound bitter at all.

Blake Snell is very fortunate to be okay.

David Price has a Geltz going.

Evan Longoria is quietly having a nice year in spite of several trips to the IL.

Brett Phillips was DFA’d by the Orioles. He has cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to AAA Norfolk.

Around the League(s)

The new A League of Their Own series is out on Amazon Prime Video to generally solid reviews.

Joey Votto is done for the year.

There was some concern when Ohtani was pulled early from Sunday’s game. Turns out it was just tummy trouble.

Austin Hedges was fined an undisclosed amount after unloading on umpires following an overturned call at the plate.

He can’t say he didn’t get his money’s worth though. Here’s the call.

And here’s the suspension.

This Happened

This happened at the Blue Jays/Yankees game.

This happened at a Mud Hens game.

Mama said there’d be days like this.

Did...did a rando fan get Tony LaRussa to send in a pinch runner?

TLR says no.

But you’ll excuse me if I don’t believe him.

Palate Cleansers!

This is cool, and creepy.

This is also cool and creepy.

Tissues, please.

And this is just a cuteness overload.

Go Rays!