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Who’s On Worst: Major League 2

Some people, not naming names, have this movie in their top five. And they are fools.

Major League Photo by Mirage Enterprises/Getty Images

So here’s the thing about Major League. It’s an incredibly popular baseball movie, that on-rewatch is serviceable if frequently very problematic (as most comedies of its era are, through a modern lens). Much like The Sandlot, it’s a film that people remember more for scenes than a whole narrative, but that has become a huge part of baseball pop culture.

Also, like The Sandlot, Major League has a serious of sequels, and for both the second film is a poor shadow of the former, checking off boxes that effectively make it more of a bad remake than a new film.

In this week’s podcast we discuss both Major League and Major League 2, though our focus is more on the offensive sequel than the pretty decent first film. It’s an illogical sequel that actually had a lot of initial potential but dropped the ball (so to speak) in the latter half.

Also, Ashley learns that Randy Quaid is not, in fact, dead.