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Can’t get to Tropicana Field? Here’s how you can watch/listen to games

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Wild Card games will be broadcast on ABC. All three (if needed) start at 3:08. If you want to hear a local broadcast, you can listen to the game on WDAE radio.

Generally the team has sponsored official watch parties in the Tampa Bay area when the team is playing on the road — with the idea that the “party” is in the stadium if they are playing at home.

But many of you won’t be at Tropicana Field, yet would still like be able to commiserate/celebrate with other Rays fans. We’ll use this post to report on any watch parties we hear about (check back for updates).

We also encourage you to use the comments or our social media posts to share any watch parties you know of. This is especially true for members of what we call the “Rays Diaspora” e.g. Rays fans scattered outside the Tampa Bay area. Are you hanging out in a bar in Brooklyn or a pub in Portland to catch a game? Let us know about it so others in your area can join you.