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The Rays are willing to trade anyone, even Randy Arozarena

Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v. Tampa Bay Rays - Game Two Photo by Mike Carlson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

As all Rays fans should be accustomed to at this point, every single player on the roster is available for trade, and that includes your favorite player.

With the Winter Meetings coming up, that means you’re sure to see rumors — verifiable or otherwise — that the Rays are shopping this player or that.

Guess what, those tweets will be accurate!

Every single player on the Tampa Bay Rays roster is available for trade, because the Rays are going to have conversations with other teams to find out what the market thinks their players are worth.

And if the market is higher than their internal evaluation on a player like, say, Isaac Paredes? As ESPN’s Jeff Passan has intimated multiple times this offseason? The team will move him.

So be on the look out for the tweets, like these ones:

As far as rumors are concerned, this is low hanging fruit.

One of baseball’s brightest stars, offering boundless energy and entertainment, repped by Scott Boras, is never going to last on the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s not a matter of if they’ll move him, but when.

And if it’s a foregone conclusion: One could even argue this is the best off-season to trade Arozarena, coming off his time in the spotlight both in the WBC and Home Run Derby, and with the player projected to make around $9 million in his second year of salary arbitration as a Super 2. Then again?

Long live Randy Land.