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2023 DRaysBay Community Prospect List No. 19 Runoff

Time to vote for Shane Sasaki or Colby White

In the race for the 19th spot in the DRaysBay Community Prospect list we have come down to our first runoff. The candidates are outfielder Shane Sasaki and right handed reliever Colby White.


OF Shane Sasaki (6’0” 165, 23 in 2023)

Shane Sasaki was the Rays third round pick (99th overall) in the 2019 draft. He put up a .324/.410/.497 line and 151 wRC+ in his first full season assignment. He posted a 12.2% walk rate and 22.9% strikeout rate. He doesn’t hit for much over the fence power (9 homers) but uses his speed to take more than his fair share of doubles and triples. He stole 47 bases while being caught only four times.

RHP Colby White (6’0” 190, 24 in 2023)

Colby White shot through the system playing at all four full season levels in 2021. He threw 62.1 innings of relief with a 1.44 ERA/2.09 FIP while posting an absurd 45.0% strikeout rate and 6.5% walk rate. Unfortunately he underwent Tommy John surgery early last spring. He has yet to return to game action but worked off a mid 90s fastball that played above it’s velocity in the top of the zone and a high 80s slider as his two pitch mix. If his stuff returns he should see MLB action some time this season as he’s already on the 40 man.