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FOCO releasing limited edition “Bobbles on Parade” bobbleheads

Celebrate the start of Spring Training with these limited edition bobbleheads!

Baseball is officially back (sort of) as Spring Training is underway with pitchers and catchers from all 30 teams reporting to their various team’s training camps and what better way to kick off the start of another fantastic season of baseball than buy purchasing a brand new spring training themed bobblehead to add to your collection.

Everyone loves a good bobblehead; if you personally don’t; then someone you know certainly does.

To celebrate the occasion, our friends over FOCO are releasing a Spring Training Bobblehead Collection.

To celebrate the return of baseball, FOCO is releasing a Spring Training Bobblehead Collection that features commemorative team bobbleheads, mascots, and some of the game’s best players from the Grapefruit and Cactus Spring training leagues they are in.

The commemorative player bobbleheads in the collection feature spring training league logos across the body and head. They all stand atop a plate themed base with various thematic elements from the league that they play in. The player and mascot bobbleheads are also on a base with various thematic elements from the league they play in and their names are displayed in front. The commemorative generic players will retail for $75, the mascots for $70, and the athletes for $80. All of the bobbleheads in the collection are limited to 144 units and stand at 8in tall.

These limited edition bobbleheads are now available for sale on FOCO and can be accessed via this link: