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Opening Day Countdown: Your ONE hope for the Rays 2023 season

MLB: Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, I go into the baseball season with one wish: I want my team to be playing meaningful games in September.

I know many fans are more “World Series or the season is a failure,” but that would seem to leave you disappointed a good deal of the time, and since baseball is supposed to be the fun part of my life, I just hope for a team that entertains and holds my interest for as long as possible. Distract me through hurricane season, and I will declare victory.

Oh, and I’ll bend the rules to get a second wish — please finalize a deal for a new stadium. St. Pete, Tampa, on a floating barge, I don’t care, but I’d like to end this season with some confidence that I’ll be able to look forward as far as 2028.

What is your main wish for the Rays 2023 season? This is not necessarily your projection for the team, but your hope. What is one thing that will make you feel this season has been worthy of your fandom? A postseason slot? Some great individual performances?

Share your Rays wish below.