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Rays community mourns Dave Wills

Will Vragovic, Tampa Bay Rays

All in the Rays community were stunned to learn that long-time radio play-by-play announcer Dave Wills had passed away on Sunday. He was 58 years old

Wills had been the radio voice of the Rays for 18 years, making his debut with partner Andy Freed in 2005.

News reports did not list a cause of death, but Wills had missed some time in the 2022 season with some cardiac issues.

The news of his passing was especially stunning because he had broadcast the Saturday game. You can hear his last call in this clip:

Soon after this news was released, his colleagues and others in the baseball world took to Twitter to share their feelings.

From his broadcast partners:

From others in baseball media:

And of course, Rays fans will always remember this: