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GDT: Who remembers Comiskey Park?

New Comiskey Park Construction SetNumber: X39940 TK2 R3 F31

Before the White Sox moved to their I’m sure lovely but horribly named current park, they played in Comiskey Park, built in 1910. Comiskey was the founding owner of the White Sox, and one of the founders of the American League. He had himself been a player and a manager before founding the White Sox. His nickname was apparently “Commy” which perhaps didn’t have quite the same connotations back in the 1890s.

In 1909 he bought property that had served as a dump, and had what was at first called White Sox Park built there. When the stadium was demolished, it was the oldest park in the majors.

One interesting bit of Comiskey Park trivia — for about a decade they had an Astroturf infield with a grass outfield. Why?

Let’s hope for a win tonight!