Issues with Depressed Ginger Rays Stadium saga video

Rays Stadium Saga

If you read the first part of his video and his intro, he points to an article from John Romano, which would add sunshine palm trees and a nearby creek. Now, if he had dug deeper, he would have discovered that Stu Sternberg is bullish on getting a deal done by the end of this year, either in St. Petersburg or Tampa (most likely St Petersburg).

On the statement from Stu, if you dig deeper into that statement from stew, the ginger red, you’ll notice that this is more negotiations than anything else OK. there was a purpose in Stu’s comments here. And yes, there’s some urgency here but a threat to move to Nashville as Ginger believes it will? No chance this happens.

Now, the rendering at the 1:37 Mark and again at the 7:43 and 9:39 mark is the one from Hines that has all the mixed units with housing and business and that’s gonna be across the parking lot of Trop. Here’s another thing Ginger didn’t tell you in that video. The one that’s going to develop the new Rays stadium is the same people that the developed Petco Park in San Diego. It’ll seat 30K.

At the 3:07 mark of the video and again at 7:05 mark, he talks about the Tampa dome on the Ybor Channel. Again if he dug deeper into that, he was discovered that Darryl Shaw’s latest renderings do not have a Rays stadium on it.

At the 3:30 mark of the video, they showed the interior of the failed Ybor project for the rays a few years ago. he says there’s not a big demand for baseball in Florida. Nothing could be further from the truth on that you put the location of the stadium in a good spot, and they will show up in droves. He forgets to mention Brightline is coming to Tampa in a couple years near Ybor, he also forgets to mention possible for extensions to Clearwater and Saint Petersburg.

Now, starting at the 4:00 mark and again at 8:59, he shows the Portland stadium thinking it’s Tampa Bsy’s and nothing could be further from the truth on that either.

At 4:33 mark, you could see another Rays stadium rendering, which was from one of the bidders that didn’t win.

At 4:55, 6:38, 8:09, 9:10, 9:45 and 10:10 marks, he shows you the failed stadium in Ybor from a couple years ago. He also says that might be the one that is built in Tampa. Let’s be clear that ship sailed already. That’s not the stadium that’s going to get built.

At 5:09 mark, you could see the failed stadium at the Al Lang site.

At 5:47 mark, I think the Stadium he was referencing was on the Carrilon site from 2012 that failed.

At 6:28 mark, he shows you the outdoor proposed stadium for the Rays which was going nowhere because that was part of the split city with Montreal that ultimately died if he had done research, he would’ve told you that and he didn’t.

Now he’ll tell you that there is a threat to leave. Let’s be very clear, under Ken Welch’s leadership, There is no threat to leave and a deal will get done by the end of this year and you figure ground breaks in ‘24 probably the first quarter.

At 10:24 mark, you could see a layout of the area of the new Rays stadium and development in the Gasworks area. You will notice it is east of 275 and parallel to 175. At the end of the video, he tells you that this is gonna be made by the end of the year whether they stay in Tampa or St. Petersburg most likely Saint Petersburg, or move to Nashville must be very clear. They are not moving to Nashville. That’s off the table. I just felt when I saw that video that I needed to lay out all the inaccuracies that he put out there.

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