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GDT: A New England fishing the Bronx?

Orchard Beach and City Island
Vivienne Gucwa

If you’ve been to Yankee Stadium you may feel that you know the Bronx. But if you head due east from the stadium and keep going, you will find yourself first at Orchard Beach and then, after a trip across a short bridge, on City Island.

In the 19th century the island’s economy was sustained by fishing. By the early 20th century ship building had also become an important industry, and City Island facilities built beach landing craft and mine sweepers used in both world wars.

The neighborhood continues to benefit from its location. You can still see fishing boats that make City Island their home base, and sea food restaurants line the main street. Marinas now, however, are more likely to be servicing the yachts of New Yorkers who live in other parts of the city.

Perhaps the Rays can check out one of those seafood restaurants to celebrate a victory tonight.