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GDT: Sundays are for picnics — in NYC’s Olmstead Parks

Central Park Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images

If you are in NY for today’s game, consider a picnic either before or afterwards at one of New York City’s fabulous, Olmstead-designed parks.

Frederick Law Olmstead was a landscape architect who probably had more of an impact than anyone else on American parks, ranging from our national parks like Yellowstone, to our urban parks. When designing his urban parks, he was known for bringing a little bit of the wilderness into dense urban areas where some fresh air and greenery were especially hard to find.

He designed the well-known Central Park in Manhattan and Prospect Park in Brooklyn. He’s also responsible for Manhattan’s lovely Morningside Park, and linear parks along Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway and Manhattan’s Riverside Drive.

He did not design any of the parks in the Bronx, but there are some great parks in that borough, most notably Van Cortlandt Park.

Anyway back to baseball: #RaysUp