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Pabst Blue Ribbon names Wade Boggs an Official Spokesperson

It’s not just a conspiracy theory!

Pabst Blue Ribbon has confirmed that the legendary Hall of Fame third baseman and World Series champion, Wade Boggs, will become an official spokesperson for the brand, with the news coming a month after the Rays first retired number dropped a YouTube video alleging the PBR mascot “Cool Blue” was using his likeness.

A spokesperson from Pabst Blue Ribbon commented:

“We’ve reached an agreement with Wade Boggs in light of his recent allegations. We will not comment on the origin of our “Cool Blue” mascot at this time, but we’re excited to announce Wade Boggs as the official spokesperson for Pabst Blue Ribbon. We look forward to enjoying an ice-cold PBR with Mr. Boggs in the future.”

This was all, of course, a bit of fun, and a bit of a precursor to the official relationship between Boggs and the beer. To celebrate the partnership, PBR is offering fans a beer on Boggs with a rebate up to $12 off to honor his record as a twelve time All-Star.

Fans can claim their rebate from now until July 5th in select stores throughout the country (in states where it is legal). More updates on Wade Boggs activities as Pabst Blue Ribbon’s spokesperson will roll out throughout the year.

As described in a press release: Wade Boggs is one of baseball’s most iconic batters, described by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, as ‘an artist whose medium was the National Pastime, whose tool of choice was a bat, and whose canvas was a ball field.’

Boggs is a 12-time All-Star third baseman who played for the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Devil Rays during an 18-year (1982-99) major league career in which he won the World Series, and became only the twenty third player to ever record 3000 career hits.