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Rays 5, Dodgers 6: Welcome back, Tyler

Too bad the game was a bummer

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There would have been a time that seeing Clayton Kershaw square off against Tyler Glasnow would have been the must-watch pitching match-up of the year. I say this not in the past tense because these guys are terrible now, but because Glasnow is just making his first post-rehab appearance, and Kershaw has been on the cusp of retirement for the last season or two. He’s not the pitcher he once was, and Glasnow isn’t yet back to who we know he can be.

It did make for some scoring opportunities though, something a typical ace-off is sorely lacking. So let’s see how things shook out.

Glasnow issued only a two-out walk in the first inning, and man I don’t care about the score or the pitch count, it was just so nice to see Tyler back out there today. In the bottom of the inning Ramirez got a single and successfully stole second, but no runs scored.

Max Muncy hit a solo home run off Glasnow to start the second inning. The next three batters were retired in order, but first blood was drawn and it wasn’t going to get much nicer from there. Kershaw had a 1-2-3 bottom of the second.

In the top of the third Freddie Freeman got a double, but the Dodgers did not score. In the Rays half, Walls got a leadoff single and advanced to second on a wild pitch two outs later. Franco then drew a walk and Walls stole third, but no one was able to bring him home.

Top of the fourth, Martinez doubled to start things off, then Muncy doubled to score him. Muncy advanced to third on a groundout, and then scored on a wild pitch. The Dodgers got a single from Peralta but would need to settle for the two runs. Bottom of the inning saw the Rays attempt a comeback. Arozarena walked, then a Bethancourt double got him to third. A long single from Margot scored Arozarena and Bethancourt both. End of the inning and the score was 3-2 Dodgers.

Glasnow’s night was done in the fifth after getting out Mookie Betts, and Kelly came on in relief. After an initial walk to Freeman, Kelly was able to get the final two outs of the inning. Onwards to the bottom of the fifth and Franco got a one-out single, followed immediately by a Ramirez single, and putting the Rays ahead 4-3.

Diekman was the next out of the Rays’ bullpen and had a nice 1-2-3 inning, but then the Dodgers did the same thing, which was less nice.

Top of the seventh and it was Poche’s turn. Rojas got a one-out single, then stole second on a wild pitch. Betts singled, scoring Rojas, then Betts also successfully stole second. He’s a great player and I’m glad he’s not with Boston anymore. Freeman then doubled to score Betts. Dodgers up 5-4. Boo. The Rays went down in order in the bottom of the inning.

Onto the eighth and the Dodgers weren’t done yet. Kelley was out now, because you have to cycle through Kelly/Kelleys in a game. With two outs, Vargas got a solo home run and it was 6-4 Dodgers. A Paredes single was the only baserunner for the Rays in the bottom of the inning.

In the top of the ninth, Kelley gave up a two-out walk to Freeman, but no Dodgers runners scored, thank goodness. Bottom of the ninth saw a one-out double for Walls, then the absolute murder of one of Siri’s bats, but unfortunately it was murdered by his knee rather than hitting a home run. Diaz then fought mightily through a long at-bat to finally get a walk and make way for Wander Franco. Raley was then brought in as a pinch-runner. Franco’s single scored Wall, putting the Rays in position for a tie or walk-off win... unfortunately a groundout ended the inning and the game.

Final: Dodgers 6, Rays 5