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GDT: Bachelor’s party night

I’ve never had a bachelor’s party, but if I were to have one I would definitely want it to be at a Rays game.

Because a certain DRB writer is indeed having his bachelor’s party at Tropicana Field tonight, I thought we could consider the history of this practice. Apparently, the tradition can be traced back to ancient Sparta, where there was a feast to celebrate the groom to be.

In polite 19th and early 20th century society, bachelor parties might be black tie affairs thrown by the groom’s father or father-in-law to be.

But by the late 20th century, of course, they were known as raucous nights of debauchery. There have been celebrity breakups over bad behavior at bachelor’s parties (remember Paris Hilton and....whoever she was going to marry?)

The Brits have a tradition of taking the groom and his best “lads” on cheap flights to places like Prague and Amsterdam, getting extremely drunk, and embarrassing themselves. Indeed the city of Amsterdam now has a new marketing campaign aimed at British men aged 18-35: Stay Away

But a bachelor’s party at a Rays game is a perfect night. Bond with friends, yell expletives at the Yankees, and hopefully celebrate a win that will be a good omen for the marriage to come.