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Rays 15, Mariners 4: Swinging bats

I hope everyone has their coffee for this series. I hear there’s good stuff in Seattle.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Oh, sorry. West coast game.

This was a game of uneven performances, with the Mariners taking early advantage of the Rays, and the Rays coming back to get even, literally, in terms of the score. And then things, uh... got wild.

So let’s shake off the sleep, and see how the Rays managed in tonight’s game.

First inning the Rays squared off against Mariners' starter Bryce Miller, who got two quick outs. Raley reached on a shortstop error, but was unable to score. Shane McClanahan was up in the bottom half and gave up a leadoff walk to Crawford, before shutting the Mariners down with a strikeout and inducing a double play.

The Rays went down in order in the top of the second. McClanahan’s night took a pretty miserable turn in the bottom of the second, Hernandez doubled to start things off, then Murphy, with one out, hit a two-run home run to put the Mariners on the board. Raleigh walked, Kelenic singled, Caballero singled, and then a Crawford single scored Kelenic and Raleigh. By the time the inning was over the Mariners were up 4-0.

The Rays once again went 1-2-3 in the third, but McClanahan bounced back a bit in hte bottom half, allowing a walk to Hernandez, but nothing else. This would also prove to be the end of the game for Shane, though no obvious injury was visible, it seemed like perhaps Cash was just showing abundant caution, or something.

In the top of the fourth Raley got a one-out walk and then Randy Arozarena homered to bring them both home, hopefully just a warm-up for the ASG in a couple of weeks. Paredes walked and Josh Lowe singled, but the Rays would need to settle for the homer.

Armstrong was out of the pen in the bottom of the fourth, and allowed a leadoff single to Raleigh, before getting the next three outs in order.

The Rays moved into the fifth against the Mariners bullpen, and the first two batters were out, then Franco hit a triple. Raley then singled to score Franco. Look, I’m going to say it, because it’s very late and a bunch of you won’t read this far: Luke Raley is my favorite player this season. Raley stole second, but no additional runs scored. In the bottom half Hernandez walked but no Mariners scored.

Onto the top of the sixth and Josh Lowe hit a one-out home run to tie things up.

Bottom half of the sixth and a Murphy walk didn’t help the M’s at all, tied at 4-4 heading to the seventh.

Bethancourt singled to start the seventh, but a double play and lineout didn’t help bring him home. Kelly had a 1-2-3 bottom of the inning.

Onto the eighth, Raley doubled to start things off, then Arozarena singled. Paredes grounded into a fielder’s choice that scored Raley and put the Rays ahead for the first time all night. Lowe then doubled to score Arozarena. A Siri sac fly scored Paredes, and then a Walls base hit scored Lowe. Walls then stole third, and a Bethancourt double brought Walls home.

Guys, we’re still not done. Diaz singled to score Bethancourt. Franco then hit a double into the deepest corner of left field and Diaz scored. I might actually feel bad for the Mariners now. Franco stole third, because why not, and then Raley walked. Arozarena hit into what should have probably been a double play, eliminating Raley, but the ball was overthrown to first, Randy was safe and Franco scored. Paredes walked. I’m not kidding. That was, however where it ended, but the Rays were suddenly up 12-4 with 13 men having taken the plate and eight runs scoring. Wow.

Jason Adam came out of the pen next. Suarez walked with one out, but a double-play then ended the inning.

Onward to the ninth. And let’s never say there are no positives to blow-out games:

Jose Siri hit a home run to kick off the ninth and I am just cackling maniacally to myself, no one mind me over here. Walls singled to right, and Bethancourt hit a double. A Brujan groundout scored Walls, then a Franco groundout scored Bethancourt. 15-4 for the Rays going into the bottom of the ninth.

Colin Poche was the last man onto the mound for the night. Raleigh walked. Two outs later Crawford walked.

Final: Rays 15, Mariners 4