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Rays Your Voice: First half review, All-Star Break, second half predictions.

What predictions do you have for the second half?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Rays limped into the All-Star break with another series loss, this one coming at home against the NL-best Atlanta Braves, we sat down to discuss the first half in its entirety, debate whether or not Randy Arozarena has a chance in Monday’s Home Run Derby, and ‘Rays’ our voices with some predictions for the remainder of the season.

Note: We recorded before the news that Jonathan Aranda would be called up for Saturday and Sunday’s games, so one of Brett’s predictions goes out the window before this episode was even released.

Darby will be in attendance for this week’s festivities in Seattle, so we discuss what he’s looking forward to. We’ll recap everything in next week’s episode.