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FOCO Releasing Tampa Bay Rays 2023 MLB All-Star Bobbles on Parade Bobbleheads

Head over to, where the All-Star Bobbles on Parade collection is available now!

The 90th edition of the MLB All Star game is coming to your tv screens real soon and our friends at FOCO have you covered as they have just released their annual All-Star Bobbles on Parade bobblehead program featuring a commemorative bobblehead from all 30 MLB teams, including the Tampa Bay Rays. The bobbleheads feature a generic player model standing in an action pose with commemorative 2023 All-Star game logos on various parts of the bobblehead. These officially licensed bobbleheads are positioned atop an All-Star themed base with the famous Space Needle next to them to reflect the setting of this year’s All-Star game in Seattle.

FOCO’sBobbles on Parade” program is a two decade old All-Star Game tradition that started all the way back in 2003. FOCO began to produce commemorative bobbleheads with team and city specific designs ahead of the midsummer classic. In some years, FOCO created life sized bobbleheads that were placed around the city hosting the All-Star Game. Other notable iterations include the 2009 collection when the game was held in St. Louis so FOCO created an “Arches on Parade” program to reflect the famous arches of St. Louis. Similarly, in 2014 Bobbles on Parade became “Peanuts on Parade” to honor the creator of the Peanuts comics Charles Schulz, who grew up in Minneapolis, which was where the 2014 All Star game was played. Several years later, FOCO began introducing Bobbles on Parade in smaller versions direct to consumer.

With the 2023 MLB All-Star game in Seattle, this year’s collection features the iconic Space Needle alongside the team-themed bobbleheads. Like all FOCO bobbleheads, each one is handcrafted, and hand painted, so no two are exactly the same. Each retail for $70 and are individually numbered out of a limited quantity. The bobbleheads stand at approximately 7ins tall, making these the ideal addition to any collection at home, or any desk at work or school.

With this being the 20th anniversary of the Bobbles on Parade program, we wanted to make this year’s collection special for collectors and baseball fans alike and we couldn’t be more excited to share it. The city specific designs make each year’s design unique and on theme with the city hosting the All-Star game, making these a must have for any bobblehead collector.

FOCO’s All-Star Bobbles on Parade are just some of the many exciting items FOCO continues to release that depict superstars, mascots, memorable plays, and iconic moments in the world of sports and entertainment. Head over to, FOCO’s official direct to consumer website, where the All-Star Bobbles on Parade collection is available now!