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Rays 10, Giants 2: RBIs and Zzzzzzzs

West coast trips are brutal, man. Wins aren’t!

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at San Francisco Giants Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports

This one is going to be as short and sweet as I am capable of, because it’s a late, late game, and I crave sleep, but you all want to know how this game went, and since it was a good one, I will tell you.

Tyler Glasnow: so good! We love a dialled-in Glasnow who can get himself out of tense corners.

Mead! What the heck!

Great second night for Basabe!

Alright, let’s get into specifics. The Giants were making their efforts at a bullpen game against Glasnow, and it was successful early on, as the game was scoreless until the third inning.

In the first, Arozarena got a one-out walk but then got picked off in a steal attempt. Glasnow had a 1-2-3 bottom of the first. The second inning saw back-to-back singles from Siri and Mead, then Siri stole third, but no runs scored. In the bottom half of the second Glasnow allowed a single to Conforto, but nothing scored.

Diaz singled in the third, then Arozarena singled as well, but neither runner scored. Glasnow had another three-up/three-down inning in the bottom half.

The Rays finally lit up the scoreboard in the fourth. Mead and Bethancourt singled back-to-back, A groundout from Margot advanced them, and then a Basabe single scored both runners. A Diaz double then scored Basabe, and it was a 3-0 game going into the bottom half. Glasnow had another 1-2-3.

Onward to the fifth and the Rays kept up their momentum. Ramirez singled, then with two outs Mead reached on an infield single that then went on to evolve into an error that allowed Ramirez to get to third. A Bethancourt single scored Ramirez, and then a Margot single scored Mead. Basabe walked, but no additional runs scored. Glasnow had his roughest outing in the bottom of the fifth, as Pederson singled to start things off, then Conforto walked. An Estrada single scored Pederson. Crawford then walked, but Glasnow pitched out of the jam with only one run to show for the Giants.

Ramirez reached on a hit-by-pitch in the top of the sixth, but that was it for the Rays. In the bottom half Glasnow was starting to show the same signs of trouble as he did in the fifth. A walk to Meckler, but Glasnow got the next three outs in spite of some awkward pitches. That was the end of the night for him. 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 7 K on 87 pitches.

Heading into the seventh, Bethancourt hit a one-out solo home run, and while Margot walked and stole a base, they would have to settle for one. Bottom of seventh saw the major league debut of Jacob Lopez who was a bit rocky but definitely showed signs of quality, the biggest being his ability to pitch out of a jam. Crawford reached on a fielding error, then Camargo singled. Davis was hit by a pitch BARELY, like it literally grazed over his toe, but I guess rules are rules on that. Lopez escaped a loaded bases mess by striking out fellow debutee Meckler. Phew.

Top of the eighth the Rays were out for Giant-blood. Arozarena walked, Ramirez singled, and then a Paredes single brought Arozarena home. Siri then doubled to score Ramirez. Lopez was back out in the bottom of the eighth which was... bold, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off. Conforto got a two-out single, then Estrada doubled to score Conforto. Lopez got out of it with only the one additional run, so I guess that was good.

Two outs in the top of the ninth and Arozarena singled. Ramirez then hit a triple to score Arozarena. A wild pitch allowed Ramirez to score. The Rays were up 10-2 going into the bottom half. Lopez returned for the ninth, because honestly why not at this point? Some incredible fielding helped finish things off, and that was a game.

Final: Rays 10, Giants 2