arm imjuries

Is it just me or is it really a major issue, Since McClanahan is having "Tommy John" surgery, this is now 14 Tommy John surgeries the Rays have had since 2018, 14!!!!!!!!!!

Something must be going on with regards to how they are teaching these pitchers on how to get the spin rate up.

They will never admit it, but it has to be something they are teaching to these pitchers that has to do with how many are having Tommy John surgeries to repair their issues.

I remember when Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson did complete game 120-140 pitch game and never had "Tommy John surgeries", Even Bob Gison threw hard, completed games, had a lot of pitches thrown and pitched without always having the 4 days of rest between starts.

Something is going on here with the Rays organization in regard to this issue and we need some journalists and or retired pitchers to get involved and report back as to what they are actually teaching these kids.

14 is to many for me, these pitchers then take 12-18 months to get back from this injury and that is lost time in a major league carer.


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