Which players from the Rays have also taken the field for the Mets?


There has been a scarcity of business activity between these two well-established franchises in recent times. Throughout the decades, a total of 82 individuals have worn the jerseys of both teams. Thankfully, this article is at your service to assist you in excelling in today's MLB Immaculate Grid. It will guide you through some of those names. A prominent figure that immediately comes to mind in the context of the Rays-Mets connection in today's MLB Immaculate Grid is Tommy Pham of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Pham, an outfielder, was traded by the New York Mets during the trade deadline, despite having been acquired by them just the previous offseason. Additionally, Pham had also spent a season and a half with the Tampa Bay Rays from 2018 to 2019. Another individual who fits into this intersection is Rich Hill, currently the oldest active player in the league. Hill has been a part of an astounding 12 major league franchises, with the Rays and Mets being two of them.