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Dominican Republic prosecutors clarify accusations against Wander Franco

A judge will rule of Friday if the case will go to trial.

Tampa Bay Rays v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic released a statement Wednesday evening detailing the alleged crimes committed by Rays All-Star shortstop Wander Franco, courtesy of google translate:

The Puerto Plata Prosecutor’s Office, with the support of the National Directorate of Children, Adolescents and Families and the Specialized Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prosecutor’s Office, filed this Wednesday the request for a coercive measure against the Major League baseball player, Wander Franco, and the mother of a minor, who are charged with the crimes of commercial sexual exploitation and money laundering.

In the request filed with the Permanent Attention Office of this jurisdiction, the Public Ministry has requested that a financial guarantee of five million pesos [$86,000 USD] be imposed on Franco as a measure of coercion, along with prohibition of departure and house arrest.

As for the minor’s mother, whose name is omitted to preserve the rights of the teenager, the prosecution body has requested that the prohibition of leaving the country and house arrest be imposed as a precautionary measure.

According to various reporters on social media sources in the Dominican Republic, the alleged victim was 14-years old at the time of the alleged crimes, according to Hector Gomez on X:

According to prosecutors, on December 9, 2022, “for two days the accused had sexual relations with the teenager and they had a dating relationship for four months with the mother’s consent”.

The forensic report indicates that the 14-year-old minor showed signs of defloration and told the prosecutor that the accused Wander Franco “was her boyfriend and had given a vehicle to her mother to try to compensate for the emotional damage he had caused her.”

During the interview, the minor said that her mother always used her to benefit her partners, among them “she referred to seven monthly deposits of $ 100,000 Dominican pesos and a car” in exchange for allowing her the relationship and remaining silent, per @SIN24Horas.

The accusations made against Wander Franco were formally filed on Wednesday morning with a judge in Puerto Plata for review, physically delivered in a crate that was closely followed by local news agencies.

Franco, who has been detained since Monday, possibly in accordance with a warrant filed after he failed to appear for questioning last week, cannot be released until Friday. The Public Ministry has reportedly named the case against Franco, “Operation Out 27.

While previous visits to residences owned by family members of Franco had previously been referred to as “raids” on social media, it does appear a raid occurred at the home of the mother of the alleged victim, revealing more than $80,000 USD in currencies reportedly paid by Franco to the family, as well as a car alleged to have been paid for by Franco, per Hector Gomez on X. Neither claim has been substantiated.

Franco will go before a judge tomorrow morning, who will have the ability to formalize the case against Franco, and decide whether he can be released on bond.