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ESPN and The Athletic release Rays top prospect lists for 2024

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Rays 2023 draft pick Colton Ledbetter
Photo by Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos via Getty Images

In a bit of happenstance, both ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel and The Athletic’s Keith Law have dropped their top prospect lists today for the Rays.

Both lists are behind a paywall, so I’ll be avoiding the write ups on the players for this article, but you can gain a high level understanding of how both seasoned prospect writers see the Rays talent.

ESPN 2024 Rays Top Prospects

Kiley McDaniel’s list ranks the Rays organization 7th overall, with four players in the Top-100 and an additional prospect in his next 50. It’s in his list the Rays lack of top echelon pitching depth is emphasized, with Mason Montgomery ranking his top pitching prospect as a 40 FV.

1. Junior Caminero, 3B, 60 FV (3)
2. Carson Williams, SS, 60 FV (13)
3. Curtis Mead, 3B, 50 FV (47)
4. Xavier Isaac, 1B, 50 FV (62)
5. Brayden Taylor, SS, 45+ FV (146)
6. Adrian Santana, SS, 45 FV
7. Colton Ledbetter, CF, 45 FV
8. Osleivis Basabe, SS, 45 FV
9. Dom Keegan, C, 45 FV
10. Brailer Guerrero, RF, 45 FV
11. Cooper Kinney, 3B, 40+ FV
12. Willy Vasquez, 3B, 40 FV
13. Tre Morgan, 1B, 40 FV
14. Chandler Simpson, CF, 40 FV
15. Mason Montgomery, LHP, 40 FV
16. Santiago Suarez, RHP, 40 FV
17. Carlos Colmenarez, SS, 40 FV
18. Mason Auer, CF, 40 FV
19. Jose Urbina, RHP, 40 FV
20. Yoniel Curet, RHP, 40 FV

McDaniel’s list is interesting in that he slots the Rays 2023 draft picks at 5-6-7 and 13, in the order they were drafted. His further thoughts can be read with an ESPN Insider account.

The Athletic Top Rays Prospects for 2024

Keith Law’s list notes the Rays system is “running a little drier these days” but sees the system’s pitching a bit more favorably, with unique arms listed at No. 12-14 and 20, and an aggressive ranking for Montgomery.

1. Junior Caminero, 3B (6)
2. Carson Williams, SS (38)
3. Brayden Taylor, SS (56)
4. Curtis Mead, 3B (77)
5. Xavier Isaac, 1B
6. Jonny DeLuca, OF
7. Mason Montgomery, LHP
8. Dom Keegan, C
9. Colton Ledbetter, CF
10. Adrian Santana, SS
11. Santiago Suarez, RHP
12. Cole Wilcox, RHP
13. Ian Seymour, LHP
14. Trevor Martin, RHP
15. Jose Urbina, RHP
16. Jose Monzon, SS
17. Tre Morgan, 1B
18. Yoniel Curet, RHP
19. Chandler Simpson, OF
20. Jonathan Russell, RHP

You can read all of Law’s write up, including some notes on an additional seven players, at the Athletic.