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Rays announce return of Randy Land, expanded theme nights for 2024


The Rays are bringing back the enormously popular Randy Land for 2024 in Left Field (Sections 141 & 143). The tickets will be available every Friday during regular-season home games for $56, and purchases include a themed shirt.

While last year’s shirts were a bit of a mystery, this season will feature four shirts on a rotational schedule for the following nights:

T-shirts are available in adult size large only. T-shirts may be picked up in front of the Hall of Fame Alcove in Left Field Street at Section 141. T-shirt pick up is available until the end of the 4th inning the day of the game. If Randy hits a Home Run during the game, all fans in sections 141 & 143 will receive a free beverage.

Additionally, according to the team press release, the Rays have added several new dates including Greek Heritage (April 13), Krewe (June 29), Disability Pride (July 28), ZooTampa (August 18) and Harry Potter (August 31).

Some returning dates include Pickleball Day (April 12), Healthcare Appreciation (May 25), Salute to Veterans (May 26), Pride (June 8), Dominican Heritage (July 11), Margaritaville (July 13), Law Enforcement Appreciation (July 14), Cuban Heritage (August 9), Country Night (August 10) and First Responders Day (September 22). Each ticket purchase is accompanied by a promotional item.

College night ticket packages will return for the 2024 season, and the Rays will introduce two new college nights, St. Petersburg College and Florida A&M University.

Special college student ticket pricing will also be back in 2024. For all Monday-Thursday home games, students with a valid .edu email can purchase discounted tickets at Tropicana Field.