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Alis volat propriis. Marketing Manager @IbottaApp + Writer/Social Media Manager @DRaysBay. Thoughts + opinions all mine. PA - FL - CO.

The Rays Tank: That lovin' feelin' no longer lost, per good ole Joe.

The Rays Tank: All Smyles in Baltimore

So punny. Will never get old. Especially if this kinda pitching keeps occurring.

Rays Tank: Loss in Baltimore, Escobar remains

And the Bulls are International League South Division Champions!

Rays Tank: Three more at home, on the road again

To the Blue Jays and Orioles, the respective leaders of the AL East this season. Yay. Easy!

The Rays Tank: K's for days

In true Rays pitching staff 2014 fashion, Chris Archer threw strikes. Lots of 'em.

The Rays Tank: First win for Smyly

The Rays Tank: Win in OAK, off to CHI

The Rays Tank: Don't frown, it's Smyly Tuesday

Give a warm welcome to the new kid.

The Rays Tank: The next 24 hours


The Rays Tank: Two games under .500

28-12 since June 11th, best in the majors. 10 wins in 11 games. Someone think of a good hashtag for this.