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Alis volat propriis. Marketing Manager @IbottaApp + Writer/Social Media Manager @DRaysBay. Thoughts + opinions all mine. PA - FL - CO.

The Rays Tank: 4.5 games back

Oh hey Wild Card! Only Kansas City, Cleveland, Toronto, New York, Seattle and L.A. stand in our way.

The Rays Tank: Second half, and GO

But actually wait until tomorrow because the Rays don't play till then soooo...

The Rays Tank: Hey now, you're an All Star

Smashmouth Tuesdays at DRaysBay!

The Rays Tank: Grand Slammer from Kiermaier

The Rays Tank: Big Game James was Big Game James

The Rays Tank: Sweep in the Bronx

More signs of life!

The Rays Tank: Another win, this is nice

It took a blown lead and twelve innings, but the Rays won again.

The Rays Tank: DP is on, DP is most likely gone

The Rays Tank: 31-47

The Rays Tank: Perspective

Warning: This isn't your standard Tank. The postgame recap will be up sometime this morning.