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Ashley MacLennan is an avid baseball fan and spends too much of her day writing about it.

Rays 3, Orioles 5: Fish vs. Birds

This started well until it went very badly.

Rays 4, Red Sox 1: An All-Star-worthy start for Shane

Just like we expect.

Rays 7, Red Sox 1: A good offense is the best offense

Start early and just keep adding.

Rays 3, Brewers 5: Old friend alert

Could have done without those home runs.

Rays 2, Yankees 4: Ugh, these guys again?

Injuries aplenty made this one a real bummer.

Who’s On Worst Special Edition: Ed

We brought in reinforcements for this truly terrible flick

FanPost Friday: What are your favorite baseball things?

Tell us your ballpark top 5.

Rays 11, Cardinals 3: A guide to why you build an early lead

The Rays sure do like to make things interesting.

Who’s On Worst: Little Big League

Sometimes we accidentally watch good ones.

Rays 4, Rangers 3: 50 Strikeouts of Gray

The Rangers’ starter almost finished the Rays.