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Elizabeth Strom has been writing and editing for DRaysBay since 2016.

Is it too late to build a stadium in Tampa?

As we approach the Jan. 30 announcement from St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch on his preferred stadium developer, the question remains: what about Tampa?

The latest updates on Tropicana Field redevelopment plans

Latest updates and analysis in the #StadiumSaga

Evan Longoria and the Rays: a perfect match

Rays fans deserve a storybook ending, for once

Comparing the plans: what about the stadium?

Tropicana Field site redevelopment plan comparison

More plans! There are 4 of them this time, here’s how they differ.

St. Petersburg received four proposals for Tropicana Field redevelopment

Including one by the Rays.

GDT: ALCS and NLCS games

GDT: What, we’re still in Cleveland?

Just means they have to win tomorrow. Rays 1, Guardians 2

GDT for all those other games