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Ian Malinowski is a baseball analyst with a degree in history from The Florida State University. He has contributed to the Jewish Daily Forward and the The Process Report, and he used to write about FSU baseball, basketball, and wiffle ball at Somebody to Leon. Now living in Brooklyn (but go Renegades), he has five times been a Florida State Fiddle Champion.

Evaluating Francisco Mejía's framing skills

He doesn’t have to be great, but is he good enough?

Tyler Glasnow debuts elite new slider on Opening Day

The new pitch is real, and it’s bizarrely good.

Season Preview: Ryan Yarbrough

Does the hard contact suppressing machine have another strong year in his future?

Chris Mazza is part of the 2021 Rays grand pitching experiment

Moneyball? How about "Mazza Ball!"

Yarbitration: Why Ryan Yarbrough’s arbitration case matters

But we may never know quite what it means.

Rays free-agent targets: left-handed relief pitcher

Rays Trade Target: RHP Luke Weaver

or, "What can Luke Weaver learn from Michael Wacha?"

What can Michael Wacha learn from his comps?

Studying platoon splits with Max Scherzer and the Many Strange Birds, part 2

What do the Rays see in Michael Wacha?

Why Wacha is basically Max Scherzer, part 1

Charlie Morton meant more to Rays fans than his production

He was a talisman of the Rays good faith effort to win games.