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Owner of 5 beautiful dogs. My Avatar is in memory of my best friend Louie who I lost in 2012 at the all too young age of 6. Our last game together was the fantastic comeback against the Angels of all teams. I love the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cleveland Indians. Love to talk baseball and am respectful to all opinions. Baseball has carried me through many bad times, it has crushed my spirit many times, but it has always been there with me.

Ozzie Smith, My Youth, & Topps Baseball Cards

Memories of Ozzie Smith and Topps Baseball Cards bring me back to a young age and bring a smile to my face.

Archer's command issues cost Rays in 5-0 loss

Chris Archer had command issues, Ubaldo Jimenez did not, Rays lose 5-0

Rays Ready To Rock & Roll Through Cleveland

Rays look to continue to move the standing in the AL East as they take on the Cleveland Indians in a weekend series at Progressive Field.

Rays Look To Gain In AL East, Take On Yankees

The surprising Yankees and the ageless Mariano Rivera return to St.Petersburg for a weekend series.

Rays Look To Bounce Back In Baltimore

The Rays will have to contend with the red hot Manny Machado as they look to bounce back from a deflating loss to end their series against the Red Sox.

Up next: Chase Headley & streaking Padres

The Rays take on Chase Headley and the streaking Padres who have won 4 in a row and 11 of 14.

Are Rays Ready For Dexter Fowler And The Rockies?

The Rays finish their road trip with a series against the Colorado Rockies and the red hot Dexter Fowler.

Rays Playing Time Swap About To Begin

Can James Loney continue to make solid contact, can Matt Joyce shake his slump, and can Sean Rodriguez avoid the rust as the Rays play 7 of their next 9 against right handed starters?

Josh "The Beard" & The Oakland A's

The Rays welcome Josh "The Beard" & the scorching hot Oakland A's to Tropicana Field for a 3-game weekend series.

Red Sox Sweep Rays With 3-2 Walk-off Win

Offense once again let's Rays down as Red Sox sweep the Rays out of town with a 3-2 victory.