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DRaysBay Mailbag

AskDRB: Primetime Season Preview!

Baseball and AskDRB are back!

Ask DRB #20: Who was the last good Rays Catcher?

Plus T-Bex’s future, where Brad Miller plays, and how much flannel can one man own?

Rays Tank: Longo makes centerfielders play extra deep

Also: does hitting more HRs = more wins? Or is it just Alexei Ramirez HRs = more wins?

Ask DRB #19: How much good/bad can a hitting coach do?

Plus: Lazy River’s in Stadiums - good idea, bad idea, or best idea?

Rays Tank: Did ya hear? Rays have a new Hitting coach

Also, the September Call-ups that didn’t happen

AskDRB #17: Do we need Robot Umps?

Also, what are some smart shopping choices for the Rays do in Free Agency?

AskDRB #16: Franklin a lock for Rays 25th man?

Plus: Is Miller our long term 1B? Are there any good vet Catchers to compliment Maile? And corner outfield prospect talk!

AskDRB #15: What's your stadium design look like?

And more important question: how many lazy rivers would there be?

AskDRB #14: Trade Deadline Special

Do Nothing at the Trade Deadline Champs no more!

AskDRB: Worst Jersey in Rays/Devil Rays history?

Plus: It's Trade Deadline Season, and speculation abounds on who the Rays could get in some blockbuster moves.

AskDRB #12: Back From Hiatus Edition

Trade rumors, movie suggestions, and prospect hype!

AskDRB #11: Who is the biggest Rays draft bust?

Plus a chat about starting pitching trades, Jamie Schultz and Ryne Stanek's future role on the team, and a discussion about Oswaldo Arcia.

AskDRB #10: Taking cover from falling sky pieces

Rants on Brad Miller staying at shortstop, which pitcher gets traded, and if we're going to be having a FIRE (sale)

ASKDRB 9: Excitement intensifies for Snell return!

Plus Jaff Decker is coming up, what happened to post-Rays Carl Crawford and James Shields, and excitement for Blake Snell's return!

AskDRB #8: Go go Snellzilla!

Plus movie rants, brawl talk, and plenty of trade questions!

AskDRB: Panic time or patience time?

Back after a week hiatus to answer questions/rant Rays baseball!

AskDRB: The offense packs a punch! edition

With plenty of other "punch" talk, illegal slides, and garbage unwritten rules on this weeks AskDRB!

AskDRB: #NoMoLoMo

Plus: Give Pearce a chance! And tons of love for the mighty Casey (Gillaspie) at the bat!

AskDRB: April showers bring May runs scored?

A new month, and a new AskDRB!

AskDRB #3: Is Conger holding Archer back?

Is Hank Conger responsible for Archer's slow start? Are you more excited about seeing the old Rays on the Padres, Kershaw's sicknasty curve, or the D-Backs horrible new uniforms? Those questions and more on this weeks AskDRB!

AskDRB #2: Could LoMo even hit off a tee?

And other fan questions!

AskDRB #1

Answering the internet's burning questions about the Rays (and whatever else comes up)

DRaysBay 4/7 TweetBag

Real questions from (hopefully) real readers!

DRB Tweetbag: 3/30/15

Praise Manu

The Mailbag Returns, but with Twitter

a mailbag for the new millennium

This stream has:

DRaysBay Mailbag: Edition 2

Examining St. Louis as a trade partner for the Rays, and their three salary-controlled options at first base.

DRB Mailbag: Should The Rays Trade For Morales?

A Jeff Niemann for Kendrys Morales swap between the Rays and Angels makes sense for both clubs.

Should the Rays sign a free agent catcher?

DRB Mailbag: Should the Rays pursue Matt Carpenter

Examining St. Louis as a trade partner for the Rays, and their three salary-controlled options at first base.

DRB Mailbag: How do the Rays select free agents?

And why are they so bad at picking free agent hitters?

DRB Mailbag: National TV contracts and the Rays

Money is pouring into MLB from new television contracts, so one DRaysBay reader asks: will this help or hurt the Rays?

This stream has:

DRaysBay Mailbag, Edition 1

In the first ever DRaysBay Mailbag, we delve into a number of topics: solo home runs, television revenue, trade proposals, and evaluating free agent signings.