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Who’s On Worst: Major League 2

Some people, not naming names, have this movie in their top five. And they are fools.

Who’s On Worst: The Rookie

A Rays-themed classic, or just a big snooze-fest?

Who’s On Worst: Bad News Bears

No, not that one.

Who’s On Worst: Mr. 3000

Not the best. Not the worst. This one was a very resounding "okay, we watched that!"

Who’s On Worst: For Love of the Game

This one is sure to be divisive.

Who’s On Worst: Angels in the Outfield

We’re back to ruin your childhood!

Who’s On Worst: The Fan

This dark De Niro thriller sure is something.

Who’s on Worst: Rookie of the Year

We promise, we are pretty nice about this one.

Who’s on Worst: Summer Catch

This movie owes the Cape Cod League an apology.

Who’s On Worst: Trouble with the Curve


Who’s on Worst: Air Bud Seventh Inning Fetch

We’re never doing a poll again.

Who’s on Worst: Fever Pitch

Darby and Ashley reflect on the 2005 Red Sox romcom.

The Hit Show, Episode 6: Snell, Archer and more

Do you Snell what the Archer is Pitching!?

The Hit Show, Episode 4: THE LONGBALL

The Offense is back and so is the podcast!

The Hit Show, Episode 3: Who's on first?

Darby joins the podcast to discuss the somehow-still-open battle for first base.

The Hit Show, Episode 2: Neil Solondz

The Hit Show is now on iTunes!

The Hit Show, Ep. 1: Pitchers and Catchers Report!

Featured Fanshot

Coming soon, our new DRaysBay podcast: "The Hit Show"

Podcast with Royals Review author Clark Fosler

Clark Fosler from Royals Review joins the podcast to help break down the big trade.

Future Considerations Podcast Episode 38

Our weekly podcast, ported from

Future Considerations Podcast Episode 37

Our weekly podcast, ported from

Future Considerations Podcast Episode 36

Our weekly podcast, ported from

PTBNL 2012: Episode 4

PTBNL 2012: Episode 3

Episode 2: PTBNL


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