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Rays Editorials

Opinion: Attendance has been terrible and that’s OK

When Tampa Bay is no longer a COVID hotspot, I’ll go back to worrying about attendance

DRB Debate: Yes, Blake Snell has been snubbed

ERA tells us he’s been great, and yes that matters.

Maybe the Rays have the attitude problem, not Tim Beckham

It’s the team’s responsibility to make personalities work.

The Rays should acquire a proven closer for 2017

Alex Colome has been great as the closer, but it’s time to move him to the high leverage reliever that can pitch anytime.

Baseball needs to adopt the loan system

Death to the Rule 5 draft.

Pitcher win stats need to go. Now.

Chris Archer is more than his Win-Loss record, and you know it.

Trade deadline roundup: The Active AL East

The American League East division featured plenty of activity at the deadline, with 15 total trades occurring during the trade period.

How to rebuild the Rays for 2017

One Question Rays Must Answer Before Deadline

Before making any deadline deals, Rays management should answer this simple question.

Chris Archer is not “untouchable”

Everyone has their price.

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Making Last Place Great Again

The Rays and the Playoff Miracle

With the second worst record in the AL at the All-Star break, are the Rays officially out of playoff contention?

A case for the Rays 2016 season

Will the Rays play Cinderella once again?

Don't Count Out Jaff Decker... Yet

The Rays are dipping deep into their outfield depth, but that doesn't mean we won't be happy with Jaff Decker

Life as a Tampa Bay Rays fan

Hello darkness my old friend...

Evan Longoria Leads on the Field

Evan Longoria continues to be an effective leader of this Rays team, despite criticism in the midst of slumps.

There's so much we don't know about this Rays team

This Rays season should get better

Some thoughts on the heart and soul of watching baseball.

Are the Rays Buyers?

As trade season nears, are the Rays poised to add a major piece?

Abolish the DH in the American League

The Rays, among other teams, should advocate for the removal of the DH in the American League.

Tampa Bay Times should expand Rays coverage

The closing of The Tampa Tribune is an opportunity for better Rays coverage

Ex-Ray Fernando Perez will be part of MLB Plus broadcast

One of 2008's unexpected heroes is smart and funny and will be part of this new broadcast.

The new look Rays are on a power surge

Chicks Dig the Long Ball: A Tampa Bay Rays Story

Is this really what the Rays stand for? [NSFW]

620 WDAE claims to be the "Home of the Rays" but the content on their site and twitter feed may say otherwise.

Blue Jays takeout slide: Bautista out, Gibbons off

A polite takeout slide, and some casual sexism on a Tuesday evening.

Rays to name Kevin Cash as player-manager

Cash will be the first player-manager in major league baseball since Pete Rose in 1986.

My Front Row Seat to the Rays' Future

My experience at Port Charlotte Park, the team's spring training facility, contains the seeds of how future fans will experience Rays games.

Baseball would be better with jersey sponsors

It's time for baseball to raise its profile and help small market teams by adopting jersey sponsorships.

Reflections on the Rays ambassadorial trip to Cuba

In the midst of political strife and hardship, this day was about hope, peace, and unbridled passion for a game we all love.

Editorial: Souza should start the year in Durham

Last season, Souza showed lot of promise, but also showed he still had a long way to go.

Why did a new Rays stadium search take so long?

The Rays finally have permission to search for a new stadium in Tampa Bay, but why did it take this long to happen?

How the Rays could benefit from playing in Cuba

The Rays are a small market team with few advantages when it comes to luring players to Tropicana Field, but a trip to Cuba later this month could significantly help boost the team's profile abroad.