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Rays Editorials

Salvidor Perez's new contract has Rays consequences

Does this change the standard for small-market teams?

Mainstream journalism needs to embrace statistics

Lies, damned lies...

No Rays offseason transactions in Cameron's Top 10

Does any Rays acquisition push the team closer to the playoffs?

Rays 40-Man Roster Includes 35 American Players

Overall, the Rays are of above-average height, are 87.5% American, and an impressive 80% of them are within their prime years.

What is the Rays biggest weakness?

As spring training dawns, what is the biggest problem with the Rays roster?

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It's Always Sunny in Philladelphia as the AL East

Sorting the Rays into a Hogwarts house

Because, offseason

The Rays win without tanking

Matthew Silverman and his staff deserve our praise. Their hard work and ability to add talent without breaking the bank or tanking should be celebrated.

Dickerson bests Trout and Harper (at some things)

We investigate a few areas where Dickerson is able to hold his own with (and in some areas out perform) the game's elite.

Building a three-team deal for Baez, Dickerson

Let's take all the Rays rumors and put the into one giant trade.

Rays Stadium Search: Tampa Park Apartments

The leading candidate for a new Rays stadium would displace 372 poor families, an elementary school, a public library, and more.

Rays ownership remains dedicated to Tampa Bay

Why haven't the Rays traded McGee or Boxberger?

There are several factors to consider.

A Game Story

How 2 cowbells and my wasted parents put the Rays in the 2011 playoffs

Why not Papelbon?

The controversial closer could be had for little to nothing.

How to talk about the Rays like a normal person

Christmas is coming. You're gonna talk about baseball. Here's a guide to doing that well.

Should the Rays turn to public financing?

The Rays have extreme financial limitations. Why not turn to public financing?

What the David Price signing means for the Rays

Nothing. The David Price signing means absolutely nothing for the Tampa Bay Rays.

David Price: More than a Game

"When your idols become your rivals..."

No Deal! Rays need to hold on to pitching depth

After injuries plagued the rotation last year, the Rays need to keep around their starting pitching depth.

In appreciation of Bobby Heck

Now a Special Assistant in Baseball Operations for the Rays, Heck had much to be thankful for this November as several of his former draft picks with the Astros played key roles in 2015.

Do Mariners fans regret the Brad Miller trade?

Raiding our friends at Lookout Landing for their thoughts on the Nate Karns - Brad Miller trade.

Karns-Miller trade a clear win-now move

Matt Silverman and company have bucked a trend.

Longoria and the Gold Glove: Dependable is amazing

Is that enough to win him his third Gold Glove?

It's time to bring back the original Rays jersey

Embrace the rainbow!

Rays Fan Guide: World Series Edition

The season's final "who to root for."

Matt Silverman the GM, Part 4: Concluding grades

Concluding our comprehensive evaluation of Matt Silverman's first year helming the Rays.

Who 2 root 4: LCS Edition

Your Rays fan guide to the ALCS & NLCS

The Hard Slide

It's back in the news.

Rays Fan Playoff Guide: Cubs vs Cardinals

In the grand scheme of things, what's one more heartbreak?

Who Should Rays Fans Root For? Astros vs Royals

Scotty K. or Wade Davis & Zorilla

Rays Fan Playoff Guide: Rangers vs Blue Jays

It's the Blue Jays, dummy.