Hit Show jingle, now in MP3


Now you can listen to this between your regular rotation of Clipse and Lifehouse. Monsters. Along with cash considerations, I expect re-tiering.

Sale, Vettleson article


Just a small nifty article about our two Pacific Northwest draftees. Interesting to read that their deals really went down the wire.

TPR11 Excerpt: The Foreword by Jonah Keri


R.J.'s letting a little magic out of the bottle. Drop on by The Process Report blog for a sneak peak of the best Rays annual around. (Note: This is not a r/a; this is shameless self-promotion.)

Upton's Hustle


We didn't get a chance to recap the game yesterday, but Jason Collette has a great look some of B.J. Upton's phenomenal baserunning during it. Well worth checking out.

Justine's Baseball Journey; Throwin to the Rays


Justine Siegal is from my hometown of Cleveland Heights Ohio. After I read her story prior to throwing to the Indians I instantly went back in time two decades. The specifics are cloudy, but she approached me to tryout for the Cleveland Heights summer league baseball team, which I was the manager. I obliged and promised no bias but no favoritism either. Justine pitched fine and I put her on the team. The rest of the summer is blurry but I am very happy that she continued on with her pursuit of playing baseball. Please take a moment to visit her MLBlog and read about her day with the Rays. She has nothing but good things to say about the Rays and relays that at the winter meetings Joe Maddon gave her his personal email address and was going to make this day happen. Joe is one classy guy working for a hell of a classy organization.

Carl Crawford Doesn't Want To Be "The Villain"

"I had a great time in Tampa. Hopefully I won’t be considered the villain that some people make me out to be. I had a lot of fun times there. I love the fans here. Those are still my boys in the other clubhouse." It appears rumors of Crawford's intentions to steal our firstborns have proven unfounded.

Rays Make First Round of Cuts


Matt Bush is on the way to minor league camp. I knew he didn't really have much of a chance at a bullpen slot, but a part of me was still hoping.

Last Chance to Vote in the Casting Call!


I will be updating the Jonah Keri Points leaderboard in about an hour, so get in your last votes.