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Game Recaps

Rays 2, Blue Jays 8: Maybe tomorrow the offense will wake up

Rays struggle at the plate again, drop fourth game in a row.

Rays 4 Yankees 5: I miss having a good bullpen

Rays 0 Yankees 2: Some games just feel cursed

Rays 2 Tigers 3: At least Brett Phillips is out of his slump

Rays 1 Mariners 2: Seattle comes out on top of pitching duel

Rays 6 Twins 1: So that’s why the Rays signed Corey Kluber

Rays 2, A’s 4: Let’s not walk this way

No comeback win here.

Rays 9, A’s 8: Rookie vs. Rookie

This was quite a ride.

Best thing about baseball? We play again tomorrow. Oh yeah A’s 13, Rays 2.

Rays 2 Orioles 1: Small ball for the win

Rays take season opener.

Rays 0 Yankees 1: Rays lose close pitching duel, Yankees clinch a Wild Card spot

Rays 6 Blue Jays 4: We’re off to see the Wizard of Baz

Rays 3 Tigers 4: No magic today

Rays 12 Red Sox 7: An efficient dismantling

Rays 2 Red Sox 3: Stop running on contact!

Rays 12 Orioles 8: Career day for Joey Wendle

Rays 10 Orioles 0: Uncle!

Rays 0 Twins 12: Another one to forget

Rays 8 Red Sox 1: We spell resilience “R-A-Y-S”

Rays 2 Mariners 4 : Seattle casts spell on Rays

Rays 5 Orioles 4: Walk-off win!

Rays 7 Blue Jays 1: I guess the Rays are good again? UPDATED

Breaking: Joey Wendle named to All Star team!

Rays 6 Nationals 15: Don’t read this recap!

TB 5, SEA 6: Sleepwalking in Seattle

Mariners take out the Rays to deal 3rd straight loss

Rays 7 White Sox 8 : Almost a great comeback

Rays 5 Orioles 4: Here’s why we don’t question the Cash quick hook

Rays 1 Royals 2: Win streak falls short of a dozen

Rays 9 Orioles 7: It’s Randy’s World

Rays 7 Mets 1: Josh Fleming was good, bats were hot

Rays 8, Angels 3: Once Upon an 8th Anaheim

While you were sleeping, the Rays turned a pitcher’s duel into a blowout

Rays 5 Jays 3: Ryan and Mike appreciation night

Never give the other team an extra out

TB-4 KC-1: Fleming, Luck Dragons, and Infield Pop-ups

Fleming impresses his friends and family, and Rays get some good luck