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Game Threads

GDT: What am I supposed to do with all these off days?

Watch the Lightning?????

GDT: An early afternoon weekend game!

The Rays do great in these games, right?...right???

GDT: This Oneil Cruz guy is pretty good!

Wish the Rays had a fun young dynamic player in their lineup right now too, but alas

GDT: A nice little day off tomorrow

Wouldn’t fault you if you were watching the Bolts game, though

GDT: Just call me Linkin Park

Because I have become so Numb

GDT: Oh God it’s the Yankees again

Someone get an AED ready for me

GDT: I wish every day could be Sugar Shane Day

But Klubot Day should be pretty good too.

GDT: Need a Springs in our step

Or something to light a fire!

GDT: This has been a rough road trip

Are the O’s the solution to that?

GDT: See you later, New York

In, like, three days.

GDT: Shane vs. Nestor

OK now THIS is the matchup of the year

GDT: Kluber vs. Cole

In 2017 this might be the best pitching matchup of the year

GDT: Shouldn’t any series with the “Twins” be only “2” games long?

Just my 2 cents.


Holy cow let’s go!

GDT: Best Fans in Baseball!

I am of course talking about the Rays

GDT: Sorry I’m late!

At least the Rays showed up on time today.

GDT: Hey it’s that Pujols guy!

The Rays really should go back in time and sign him.

GDT: How are you spending your day away from baseball tomorrow?

Personally I will be watching more baseball

GDT: Bounce back game for Drew?

Let’s hope so, y’all.

GDT: Sugar Shane Day

Let’s goooooooo Rays baby!

GDT: Have you Hearn the news?

Corey Kluber is starting for the Rays

GDT: The Springs Experiment

So’s been good!

GDT: Martin Perez has been one of the best starters in baseball

Go Rays!

GDT: Happy Memorial Day!

Enjoy your evening with Drew Rasmussen and the Rays

GDT: Today would have been Game 7 for the Lightning

Instead it’s just the series ender for the Yankees!

GDT: Hey remember when Kluber threw a no-hitter for the Yankees?

When’s our Kluber no-hitter gonna arrive?

GDT: This Aaron Judge fella is awfully good

Surely he must have signed a 15-year deal with the Yankees, yes?

GDT: This will be an anxious weekend for me

Kind of weird we haven’t played the Yankees yet this season but ok!

GDT: Wait, the Citrus Series is over???

I hardly knew ye.

GDT: Gimme a C! Gimme an I! Gimme a T! Gimme an R! Gimme a U! Gimme an S!

What does that spell! CITRUS! (series)

GDT: Baseball, Sunday Scaries Edition

Don’t let the day slip away from you!

GDT: Well, ok, that was not very fun last night

The Rays have a chance to make it up today though!