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Game Threads

GDT: Looks like they’re all must-wins from now on!

A very real chance that this will be the last Rays game of 2021.

GDT: I already miss the dome

The True Friendly Confines

GDT: I’m still amped up from last night

Like, I’m still picturing Arozarena stealing home.

GDT: The Final Day of Chaos

Buckle up for October!

GDT: I love watching Shane Baz pitch

Like a young Chris Archer

GDT: Last series of the year

At least, in the regular season!

GDT: The AL Wild Card is crazy right now

it will be interesting to doscover who wins

GDT: Just like they Drew it up

Drew Rasmussen that is

GDT: If the Rays go 3-3 they win 100 games

To be honest I never thought I’d see that from this team.

GDT: ‘Tis better to have loved than lost

Than never played the Citrus Series at all

GDT: Wow I forgot to acknowledge the Citrus Series!

The true rivalry in baseball!


(After clinch)

GDT: Hey, remember when Wacha pitched last night?

Leave the cutter at home my dude.

GDT: Would be nice to also get a win here

Like yesterday!

GDT: Would be nice to get a win here

For old time’s sake

GDT: What’s the magic number again?

Counting down the days...

GDT: The Lady, or the Tigers?

And so I leave it to you

GDT: Legitimately feel like I’m caught in a time loop playing the Tigers again

Or some kind of Groundhog Day situation.

GDT: Wait a minute...

Didn’t we just play these jokers? What is going on?

GDT: See ya later, Blue Jays

In like...5 days.

GDT: Five more months to Valentine’s Day

And also the playoffs are coming soon.

GDT: These Blue Jays are “Red” hot!

Color jokes remain funny and cool.

GDT: Would you believe the September Tigers games aren’t even half over after today?

It’s like we’re in the same dang division!

GDT: What’s the magic number now?

Must be getting pretty low...

GDT: So this Miguel Cabrera guy is pretty good, huh?

Heard he hit a couple of homers or something

GDT: Will it be the last we see of Boston?

Until maybe...the playoffs?

GDT: So this is what a pennant race really feels like!

God I love September baseball

GDT: Happy Labor Day, everybody!

Hope you have some hot dorgs or hamborgers or something

GDT: I love Luis Patino

This isn’t a picture of him, obviously, but I still am loving this guy.

GDT: I can’t believe it’s September already

Somebody wake me up when it ends.

GDT: Wacha, the Stopper

He’s been a little better as of late!

GDT: Bye Bye Boston


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