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Game Threads

GDT: Welcome back to the postseason, Rays fans!

How’s that anxiety doing?!?

GDT: Well, looks like it’s here

Hang on tight

GDT: Yesterday Hill, Today Eovaldi?

This Red Sox team is full of former Rays!

GDT: Nobody ask this man about fantasy football

Would love to score more than one run tonight but who knows?

GDT: Man I hope I don’t play these guys again the postseason???

GDT: Welcome to Spooky Season!

Also known as "Baseball Playoffs Season"

GDT: Oh God, THESE guys again?

I do NOT want to play the Astros in the postseason

GDT: The last Thursday game of the regular season!

How are you celebrating/mourning?

GDT: Look who’s back!

Our long-haired boi

GDT: Postseason preview?

Who knows anymore???

GDT: Happy Sunday!

Go Grass Rays, and Go Turf Bucs!

GDT: Ras Throwing Gas

With headlines like these I could write the lazy, half-baked tweets for the Yankees!

GDT: It might be Fall but it feels like Spring(s)

Haven’t finished this bit yet

GDT: Hmm

Rays heading into the end of the season like a wet fart

GDT: Rather sick of this Gauntlet

Sure hope the Rays don’t have to play these guys if they make it to the ALDS

GDT: Gauntlet x2

This team is dang good

GDT: The Gauntlet of Astros

A true pre-postseason test

GDT: Winter, Spring(s), Summer, Fall

The seasons of change

GDT: Do you guys remember the 2011 ALDS?

I’m still not over it

GDT: Wow the playoffs are soon!

Somehow I feel like they snuck up on me but nope, they’re coming!

GDT: Kevin Gausman is blowing away the AL in fWAR

In a move that some are calling "inexplicable"

GDT: Drew will save us

Keep it up, Rasy!



GDT: Oh...Canada

It’s you again

GDT: A jam-packed sports day!

Go Turf Bucs! Go Grass Rays!

GDT: Hey it’s Kluber again

Just do the same thing again

GDT: Well, it’s time!

If the Rays want the division, they realistically gotta sweep the Yankees here

GDT: Springs Cleaning

...up the competition

GDT: Strange Hill to die on

Tell Rich Hill to take a Hike!

GDT: Wacha Good

Rays Good too. Who win?

GDT: Frankie Says Relax

Go Rays!

GDT: What About Schmidt?

Rays hope to serve the Yankees some (Alexander) Payne