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Game Threads

GDT: OK so we’re basically in sudden death, no?

Are we gonna forget that yesterday happened or what?

GDT: October baseball officially starts now!

This has been a weird season, but the postseason starts before you know it!

GDT: Keep resting those legs

Stay fresh for the Wild Card

GDT: Will this be a preview of the Wild Card series!

Only time will tell!

GDT: A short lil’ taste Boston!

A Beantown charcuterie of sorts

GDT: You see that lineup?

Ultimate Rest Day

GDT: Time to get it together big guy

It’s on you!

GDT: We love our relievers turned starters, don’t we folks?


GDT: Start Caminero, you cowards!

Lead off hitter, just do it!

GDT: Just got off a shift at the Canning Factory

Where I work every 5 days

GDT: Hey, has Reid Detmers ever played the Rays before?

And if so, does anyone remember the outcome?

GDT: Shohei-less Angels come to town

GDT: Give me just a Littell more time

Come on Zack

GDT: Glasnow v. Grayson

"Let them fight"

GDT: Did you know the Rays tried to get Flaherty at the Trade Deadline?

Just sayin’!

GDT: The Series of the Year

It’s finally happening!

GDT: Taj is gonna be a stud one day....

Growing pains are real, though

GDT: Ahhhhhh, Joe Ryan

The Nelson Cruz of the Twins

GDT: Sonny Gray is a bonafide Cy Young candidate

Good thing the Rays are starting Glasnow!

GDT: Save us, Eflin


GDT: Civale has apparently been one of the best pitchers since the Trade Deadline?

Does it feel that way to you?

GDT: Taj is back!

But is he back?

GDT: I haven’t checked the standings in a month, are the Mariners any good?

Now to take a big sip of hot coff-

GDT: Yowza!

What a win last night!

GDT: Hello Bello

GDT: Remember when the Rays played few against Cleveland?

I feel like it was a million years ago

GDT: Still stewing over last night

Not sure how that one slipped away

GDT: More Matt Moore?

GDT: Stay safe out there folks

Evacuate if you’re in a flood zone and listen to Denis Phillips

GDT: Wowzers it’s our #9 starter

And he’s been pretty good!

GDT: What the Schmidt?

Looking for a bounceback performance from Tyler Glasnow

GDT: Rays look to hijack the Cole Train

Like last time