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Game Threads

GDT: The bullpen is currently a 56 year old man and two kids in a trenchcoat

So hopefully Taj can pitch a complete game today and heck also tomorrow too

GDT: Hope y’all have Peacock!

And you woke up early enough

GDT: Yandy’s Back

Yandy, Randy, Franco, and the Lowes

GDT: Sleeping in late

Hope the Rays bats are more awake than I am!

GDT: Was there a game last night?

I think I hallucinated it all

GDT: The Rise of Taj

Rays try to get a little (Van) Wilder on Toronto

GDT: I remember when playing the Blue Jays was essentially a guaranteed series win...

No longer...

GDT: The Rays are giving away sunglasses today!

Be sure to wear them during the indoor game!

GDT: Zach Eflin, Rays Pitcher, has a nice “ring” to it

GDT: Sugar Shane to take us home

At least, we can hope!

GDT: Escape from New York

Let’s make like a tree (upon which lies a hypothetical Big Apple) and get outta here.

GDT: Ahhhhhh, da Big Apple

The Center of the World. The Big Bean. The City by the Bay. These are all the names of New York City, the City with 1000 Names. That was another one.

GDT: I honestly thought we would be leaving New York by now

I feel like I have been trapped here against my will.

GDT: Welcome back to the postseason, Rays fans!

How’s that anxiety doing?!?

GDT: Well, looks like it’s here

Hang on tight

GDT: Yesterday Hill, Today Eovaldi?

This Red Sox team is full of former Rays!

GDT: Nobody ask this man about fantasy football

Would love to score more than one run tonight but who knows?

GDT: Man I hope I don’t play these guys again the postseason???

GDT: Welcome to Spooky Season!

Also known as "Baseball Playoffs Season"

GDT: Oh God, THESE guys again?

I do NOT want to play the Astros in the postseason

GDT: The last Thursday game of the regular season!

How are you celebrating/mourning?

GDT: Look who’s back!

Our long-haired boi

GDT: Postseason preview?

Who knows anymore???

GDT: Happy Sunday!

Go Grass Rays, and Go Turf Bucs!

GDT: Ras Throwing Gas

With headlines like these I could write the lazy, half-baked tweets for the Yankees!

GDT: It might be Fall but it feels like Spring(s)

Haven’t finished this bit yet

GDT: Hmm

Rays heading into the end of the season like a wet fart

GDT: Rather sick of this Gauntlet

Sure hope the Rays don’t have to play these guys if they make it to the ALDS

GDT: Gauntlet x2

This team is dang good

GDT: The Gauntlet of Astros

A true pre-postseason test

GDT: Winter, Spring(s), Summer, Fall

The seasons of change

GDT: Do you guys remember the 2011 ALDS?

I’m still not over it