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Cash Considerations

Kevin Cash needs to stop counting his chickens before they hatch

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own...

Was pulling Ryan Yarbrough with one out remaining the right call?

With the Wild Card on the line, Cash needs to prioritize team wins

The Rays bullpen got stretched, and it cost them

There really weren’t better options than Poche vs. Judge.

Debating the Adames bunt

Specifically the second bunt, and specifically the second attempt at the second bunt

Cash Considerations: Did Kevin Cash just “white flag” a 1-0 game?

Our fearless leader makes his most boneheaded move of the season.

Cash Considerations: Nobody writes songs about Pittsburgh

Rays drop two of three; Cash manages games and a clubhouse.

Cash Considerations: We need to talk about that Minnesota marathon

Was all that really necessary?

Cash Considerations: .500 yo-yo

Kevin Cash presides over a split with the Angels

Cash Considerations: Royale with Head Cheese

Remember when we were complaining about hovering around .500? Good times...

Cash Considerations: Kevin Cash is a Time Lord

It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Cash Considerations: Citrus Series Palooza!

Kevin Cash does manager-like things in Miami and St. Pete.

Cash Considerations: The good and the infuriating in Toronto

Baseball (and Kevin Cash) is wonderful and terrible

Cash Considerations: The rest of the dreary Baltimore series

Kevin Cash manages his way out of a very wet paper bag

Cash Considerations: Houston

Kevin Cash has a solid series despite the results

Kevin Cash bet on the bullpen and lost

Reactions to manager Kevin Cash's erred decision making ranged from reasonable, acknowledging this was probably a rookie mistake, to those that hinted at shades of Maddon-esque over-managing.

Kevin Cash's progressive bullpen usage

Early in his managerial career, Kevin Cash is making the right decisions with the bullpen, even if it bucks tradition.