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Rays Minor League depth chart

Look here to see where the top prospects are playing


We've heard your requests, and here is the DRaysBay minor league depth chart. You can see who's at a level at any given time and where all the top prospects are playing. This is a general guide and obviously many players will play multiple positions, but I could only list them at one. For extended spring training, I used this list from Stacy Long that included players not assigned to full-season affiliates. We all miss the site, but Rays Prospects' depth chart is still being updated and is another great, and maybe even better, resource.

The top 30 prospects in bold are from our writers' poll, not Baseball America's, in case you were expecting to see another name in bold. I'll do my best to follow transactions and keep this up to date, and tips, suggestions or any other information is always appreciated. When the short-season affiliates begin play, they'll of course be added alongside the full-season teams.