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Tampa Bay Rays Rumors

With the resurgent Nick Franklin injured, who will Rays turn to next?

The Rays are running out of players. It’s time to turn to the minors.

Rays trade Matt Moore to San Francisco Giants

Rays trade Steve Pearce to Baltimore

2016 MLB Trade Deadline Open Thread

The Draysbay Official Live Thread for the 2016 MLB Trade Deadline!

Rays Asking San Francisco for Two Top Prospects

Matt Moore might be heading to the Bay Area, what prospects could the Rays want?

Rays at the 2016 MLB trade deadline 

Everything you need to know in one place

Steve Pearce’s Trade Value

Rays rumor roundup!

In case you've been under a rock or away from the Rays, here's who is most likely to be moved at the 2016 trade deadline.

Alex Colome’s Trade Value

Alex Colome’s Trade Value might not be everything the Rays want it to be

Chris Archer is not “untouchable”

Everyone has their price.

Pirates trade targets: Austin Meadows vs Josh Bell

Choosing a centerpiece for a Pirates trade

Rangers rumors: Jurickson Profar vs Joey Gallo

Choosing a centerpiece for a Rangers trade.

What the Rays should do at the trade deadline

What sort of rebuild should happen?

The Rays should be hesitant to acquire Joey Gallo

Gallo's still only 22 and has some nice upside. But, as of right now, he only brings what the Rays already possess.

Trade rumors: Dodgers-Rays talking, but not Longo

(Bud Norris is their number four starter, so they're probably talking pitching . . .)

Who will be the next Rays outfielder?

Two more injuries happened last night, and now the Rays are in trouble.

Rays Trade Rumors: Marlins Interested in Jake Odorizzi

The Fish are looking to potentially adding a Ray

Rays target: Cuban star Yulieski Gurriel

The best player in Cuba just defected to the United States. Should the Rays be interested?

Tommy Hunter, experienced veteran relief pitcher

The Rays are in "advanced talks" with Hunter, who may not be available at the start of the season due to abdominal surgery.

Rays and White Sox, trade partners?

It seems both Chicago teams are now interested in adding from the Rays pitching depth.

Rays relief candidate: RHP Louis Coleman

Rays Trade Target: Jonathan Lucroy

The Rays have Rivera, Conger, and Casali set to battle for playing time as catcher, and each brings different question marks. The question we're asking today is whether or not the Rays could stand to upgrade at C, and whether Lucroy is the answer.

Finding a replacement for Jake McGee

More interestingly in 2015, he also managed to hold the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Red Sox to a combined 1 ER through 11.1 IP, keeping them to 9 H, 4 BB, and achieving 12 SO. His comfort in the AL East is evident, and could be a truly important part of the Rays making a possible bid for his services.

Is another trade on the horizon?

Rays face roster jam after the Corey Dickerson acquisition.

Rays trade RP Jake McGee for OF Corey Dickerson

Goodbye power throwing Jake McGee, hello power hitting Corey Dickerson!

Rays closing in on Corey Dickerson trade

Rays trade target: Cubs utility player Javier Baez

With all his upside on a low cost rookie contract, he could be a mainstay with the Rays, and an immediate contributor going forward on both sides of the ball.

Building a three-team deal for Baez, Dickerson

Let's take all the Rays rumors and put the into one giant trade.

Ian Desmond would like to play for the Rays

Team and player officially have mutual interest.

Rays Rumors: Ian Desmond interest, Confirmed

The speculative rumors have been confirmed, will they lead to anything?

Rays trade target: Willson Contreras

A look at recently mentioned trade target Willson Contreras.

Rosenthal: Rays involved in Corey Dickerson talks

Dickerson represents an interesting back up plan for left field, should Desmond Jennings be traded.