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Rays Analysis

Chris Archer is good again!

After a shaky start, is Archer back to all-star level performance?

Analyzing Matt Silverman's trade record

He's tried to reload without rebuilding. Has it worked?

Matt Andriese belongs in the Rays rotation

With Moore's departure, there is nobody blocking Andriese from cementing his role in the rotation... yet?

Matt Duffy’s 2015 is the real Matt Duffy

The secret to his success is revealed in line drive rates.

Brad Miller would be an above average 1B or LF

Brad Miller has a bat you can believe in.

What Matt Duffy brings to the Rays offense

Matt Duffy: the Rays starting shortstop

Analyzing the "win-now" part of the Matt Moore trade

What the Rays lost while Kevin Kiermaier was hurt

ALL HAIL THE RETURN OF KEVIN KIERMAIER! Here's his impact on the Rays quantified.

The Rays were felled by fly balls this season

Rays confuse first half for Home Run Derby.

Oswaldo Arcia is full of power potential

The Twins may rue the day they traded him

The Case for a Carl Crawford Reunion

With a severely depleted outfield, it's less a question of why, and more a question of why not.

Rays face tough decisions on Moore's future

The Rays face tough decisions when it comes to the southpaw.

Rays starters still searching for the right pitch selection

Tampa Bay's starters are having a rough go of it this season, and some are taking it to the extreme to make things work.

The Rays offense is incredible right now

Was last night the culmination of an offensive breakout?

Evan Longoria's exit velocity is trending up

An aggressive approach is finally being paired with well struck at bats.

The Rays are using the shift just fine, thank you

No, the Rays and teams like them are not shifting too often. Here's why:

Rays on the HitFX Statcast leaderboard

Who's hitting it hard? Who's not?

Do the Rays have a solo home run problem?

Or is this level of scoring completely normal?

How the Rays have ranked all-time in team history

2008 was not their best ever?

Evan Longoria is swinging way too much

With such a power threat behind him, is Longoria hurting himself with these poor at-bats?

The Rays haven't hit righties -- time to panic?


Hitting the ball hard produces better results

Rays offense continues to go airborne

Rays are among the league leaders in results on fly balls.

The Rays are still better than their record

A (still) Way-Too-Early Look at AL East Statistics -- because what else are we going to do with all of these off days?

An introduction to per-pitch run values

Enabling #Analysis

Looking for Blake Snell's second curve

Are there two?

Analyzing the debut of Blake Snell

It was a fun to watch. It was also fun to look at through PITCHf/x.

Is the Rays rotation the league's best?

So far, the peripherals look that way.

"Fun" with small sample sizes

Watching the April Rays

The Rays are better than their record suggests

A Way-Too-Early Look at Division Statistics

Evan Longoria has stopped taking walks

For the most part. Will it continue?

Drew Smyly has a new changeup

And its already been taken for a ride.